Sunday, 28 February 2016

February 2016

Iestyn Harris, All Golds Business Breakfast. 15/2/16.
The historic Racecourse Ground in Wrexham is the oldest international football stadium in the world, first hosting Wales v Scotland on the 5th March 1877. The pictured Kop end also used to the be the largest standing terrace in the football league, however Wrexham's fall to the National League has rendered it disused. 28/2/16.
Harry Kidd dives over the line in the dying seconds to score the winning try of the Challenge Cup 3rd round tie for the All Golds against the North Wales Crusaders at the Racecourse Ground in Wrexham, 28/2/16.
Johnny Leather, Ollie Purslow, Brad Kislingbury, Phil Cowburn & Courtney Davies join in the celebrations in the away changing room at the Racecourse Ground in Wrexham, after their 36-40 Challenge Cup 3rd Round victory against the North Wales Crusaders.
Lee Greenwood finally welcomes Lamont Bryan to the All Golds after contractual delays by presenting him with his match jersey at training for the following day's Challenge Cup tie against North Wales Crusaders, 27/2/16.
The Race for the water bottles is on! All Golds Training, 27/2/16.
Jack Cooper EP Launch, Albion House in Cheltenham. 26/2/15.
Brand new flags featuring the Golden Fern have been raised outside the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham, previously flags featured participating nations of the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup, for which the ground was used as a training base, 24/2/15.
Light glints off seats at Butts Park Arena after the iPro Cup match between Coventry Bears & the All Golds, 21/2/16
The UGRL defence of Connor Jones, Bradley Hearn & Danny Fallon struggles to cope with a relentless attack from Loughborough, Prince of Wales Stadium, 3/2/16.
Lewis Abbott of SPOILS, Frog & Fiddle, 12/2/16.
UGRL 2's v Cardiff Met, 17/2/16.
Queensway Stadium, Wrexham. 13/2/16
Queensway Stadium, Wrexham. 13/2/16
Leckhampton Hill. 5/2/16
Leckhampton Hill. 5/2/16