Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stow 24/10/13

It was an enjoyable day documenting a scene of British culture that is easily read & heard about throughout the country, but this is the first in a very long time that I have crossed paths with travellers, and the first time in a situation of this scale. My first thoughts were that the more traditional sorts of travellers tended to be more reserved yet openly civil when a teenager approaches them with a camera. 
Is this poor pup looking for an escape?
Younger members of families were also involved throughout the day's events.
This chap managed to somewhat terrorise a number of fair-goers as he made his way through crowds at some speed, with a good number of near-misses!

Another part of the event is trade stalls, I guess some model their business from a Spurs fan.
I wonder if the pup is as thrilled as her new owner!
Younger family members are usually expected to help around a great deal, and there were a umber of stalls that catered for such needs!
Finally an overview of the event, which was graced with some good sunny spells for the majority of the day, this scene shows mainly the trade aspect of the fair.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cheltenham Literature Festival 5-6/10/13

Chris Riddell signs copies of 'Goth Girl.
John Bulmer relives fond memories whilst discussing 'The North'.
The Music Man entertains a young audience.
Niall McDiarmid explains the concept behind 'Crossing Paths'.
A lot of international food stands were located along The Promenade, including a Welsh Hog Roast!