Friday, 18 April 2014

Oxford v All Golds

The Hepi family dog made the journey across the Cotsworlds for the derbday encounter on Good Friday against Oxford.
Lionel Hurst, Dave Friend & Brad Hepi have a chat before the macth at Iffley Road.
A Minute's silenced was respected by all in attendance, to the memory of Kath Challinor-Jones, with the All Golds lining up in front of the Oxford University Pavillion.
Danny Thomas has got rid of the 'fro and is sporting some cornrows under that scrum cap, here he is after Aiden Jenkins touched down within the first half.
After being tied 18-18 at the break, Oxford ran riot in the second half, with the match finishing 38-24.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

All Golds v Hunslet Hawks

Adding to the atmosphere of today's game was the addition of a brass band!
The All Golds warm up on another warm & sunny day in Cheltenham!
Brad Hepi (head coach) & Lionel Hurst (president) survey the warm up routines.
A large following made the trip down from Leeds for the Championship 1 fixture!
"We hate Rhinos" was a repeated chant, I don't think he got the memo!
On the pitch the Hawks ran out 44-4 winners, rising to the top of the league table, the All Golds were unlucky in a number of try attempts being turned down by the officials.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Has Banksy hit Cheltenham?

Crowds & media gather around a phonebox on Hewlett Road to see for themselves what artwork has appeared outside a house overnight.
The artwork, located threes miles away from GCHQ in Cheltenham, depicts agents listening in on the phonecalls, allowing some new 'profile picture' oppertunities!
Whilst it has still not been claimed by Banksy himself, the artwork has been confirmed by many experts & critics due to it's style and the characters involved.

I decided to head down and see the work for myself, using my Pentax SLR and some colour film that I needed to use up!
Located on the corner of Fairview Road & Hewlett Road, it has attracted many visitors and admirers of Banksy's work, with some even flying in from France!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spoils at The Swan

Before the gig, I brought the boys together for a shoot, mainly to get some Portraiture work done with the Hasselblad, Wescott was enjoying a bike he had found.
Lewis enjoys a pint during the performance.
It was great to see so many people & artists come together to support the Sue Ryder hospice at Leckhampton.
The last two songs of Spoil's set don't see any guitar use, so after playing some Heisneberg keys, Danny lights up to enjoy the last song.