Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cheltenham Rugby Festival

450 Youngsters from across Gloucestershire travelled to The Folley in Cheltenham to try their hand at Rugby League and compete for the 1908 Boys & Goldern Fern  Girls Cups!
Lionel Hurst brought the festival to Cheltenham in 2008, celebrating 100 years since New Zealand played Great Britain at the nearby Athletics Stadium.
Martin Horwood MP presents Bournside Under 9s with the 1908 Boys Cup!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Another weekend of Sport

Jack serves up during the UoG Pongathon on the Friday, the last event at Oxstalls until the new term starts in September!
On FA Cup final Saturday, an impromptu heatwave took over the nation, there was also an alumni football match arranged between past students at The Folly,  I haven't seen that England shirt in years!
Sunday was spent with the All Golds, a road trip to take on London Skolars at both Under 19s and Championship 1 level. Here Williams crosses the try line, being cheered on by Patrick Evans during the second half of the Under 19s match, which finished 18-12 after a gritty and high tempered performance! Match Report
Craig Cook leads the post-match huddle at the Queen Elizabeth II stadium, after an impressive 34-24 victory for Steve McCormack's first match in charge of the Golden Fern. Match Report

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SPOILS at the Frog & Fiddle

Danny tunes up before sound check.
After sound check, time for a drink backstage, surrounded by thousands of hand written messages from previous bands who have played the venue, and massive festival posters.
There were a number of technical issues throughout the set, but as ever Lewis attempts to interact with the crowd, not surprisingly their new release 'Glass Snakes' was extremely popular with those in attendance. SPOILS will next be playing an acoustic set on the Pomme stage during the Wychwood Festival.
With SPOILS opening for three other bands, the rest of the night was a success, raising over £300 for LeukaemiaCare & the British Heart Foundation.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Varsity 2014 - Rugby Union

I was disappointed at not being able at covering a number of the Varsity sports last month, so I jumped at the chance at covering the re-arranged Rugby Union matches at the Kingsholm Stadium. Here the Women exit the pitch from their warm up routines.
After a very strong performance, Gloucestershire beat Worcester 82-17.
The Energetic Worcester following was briefly silenced as a flare was removed from the stand!
Dejection from the Gloucestershire bench as they suffered a blow in the first half.
Worcester attempt to gain more yards with a kick up-field.
Mark Lingard? attacks the Worcester defence.
James Dobree-Carey powers towards the corner, scoring the opening try of the game.
Takuya Osaki runs through the centre of Worcester's defence, leading to another score from Harry Sheppard for Gloucester.
After a late surge from both teams, Worcester came out on top, the bench racing towards the players, closely followed by the herd of Worcestershire's travelling following!
The pitch invasion from Worcester included a drum and the continuance of anti-Gloucester chanting!
Although we lost the Men's match, Gloucester retained the Varsity trophy with the series ending 9-7. Sports Officer James Armah proudly holding the cup once again!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Portraiture Module

Today is the deadline for my Portraiture module, marking the end of my first year at Uni, I've enjoyed it, met some wonderful people and had a blast creating images that I'm proud of. To create the Portraits, we had to use a Hasselblad medium format film camera and a portable lighting kit, which at first seemed hard at first, and I struggled a bit with getting the focus just right. Here is a shot of Danny from SPOILS, who I have worked quite a bit with and based my work on, hopefully in a few weeks I can work again with the trio at the Wychwood Festival. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A good few hours were spent at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park outside Doncaster on the weekend, after spending the Saturday in Leeds for the last match of the season against Doncaster.
It's a shame that the Lions decided to sleep through the entire afternoon.
Here we have a fancy horse Zebra
A baby Giraffe comes out to enjoy the lovely Yorkshire weather.
The Tigers were also have a shy day, resting against a tree.
When the other decided to move, exciting the crowd who snapped away, only to settle away from the attention!