Saturday, 20 September 2014

'Street Football' Portrait Project

Inspired by Social Portraiture such as Humans of New York & Crossing Paths as well as wanting to increase my confidence in taking portraits, I wanted to start a personal project that would allow me to approach people on the street in a similar manor but refine it to a sporting subject. I've been living in Cheltenham for over a year now and I've noticed a large range of football shirts being sporting along the high street, I'd like to document those proud to wear the colours of their team whilst out & about, hopefully this project can quietly expand from Cheltenham to other locations that I visit. I asked my house mates for help to start this project off.

Daniel | Cardiff City
Favourite Player - Cristiano Ronaldo
Favourite Moment - Cardiff beating Man City 25/8/13
James | Southampton
Favourite Player - James Beattie
Favourite Moment - Promotion to the Premier League 2012.
Tom | Liverpool
Favourite Player - Steven Gerrard
Favourite Moment - 2005 Champions League Final.
Daniel | -
Favourite Player - Mario Ballotelli
Favourite Moment - Champions League Final 1999.