Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rochdale v All Golds

The 3rd round of the Challenge Cup drew a trip to Spotland Stadium in Rochdale for The All Golds, whose president Lionel Hurst is seen preparing the changing room.
The stadium is shared with Rochdale AFC, whose sign-age is placed above the tunnel, as a ball boy runs towards the pitch.
This ticket was sat on top of the covers at the end of the pitch, Rochdale only beat Leeds to earn that FA cup tie with Wednesday!
An external feature I like about smaller grounds, local residents can view games from their homes. I guess no one was interested in this fixture however an attendance of 307 was recorded.
A general view of the stadium, taken from the Sandy Lane End.
The Sandy Lane end is a standing terrace, and also used for storing of the goalposts when their not in use!
One of the rare exciting moments from the All Golds, Marcus Elliot touching down in corner to score their only points of the game, ending 76-4 to Rochdale Hornets.